Rusted Shingles

Walls.  Current politics provoked me to re-examine them.

The basic structure is so ubiquitous and omnipresent that it rarely raises interest much less alarm.  They appear in so many forms, conditions and apparent purposes they beg some questions: What is a wall? What is its purpose?  What is its message?  And, what are its consequences?

From the crude to the mean, to the elegant and exotic, historical, ecological, and even spiritual, I decided to take another look.

With this exploration I seek to better understand and illustrate things like the connection between borders and barriers, porosity, design ingenuity, fabrication, and the effects of wear, vandalism, entropy.  How do these structures represent the broader concepts of identity, autonomy, control, and safety?  I hope to find answers in plain site. And more, to meditate on how walls reflect the paradox of scrutiny itself: as we search to better understand – absolutes seem to dissipate.

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