Six Videos Launch PPIC’s Water Policy Center

In February, 2015 The American Mercury produced six videos for The Public Policy institute of California.  The videos focus on a range of critically important topics: water supply, drought, floods, water quality, ecosystems, and the delta.With landscape images captured across the state, historical photos and dynamic motion graphics, the videos effectively communicate complex ideas to a broad audience.  The videos are showcased in the new Water Policy Center’s website which launched April, 2015.

The PPIC Water Policy Center spurs innovative water management solutions that support a healthy economy, environment, and society—now and for future generations.

The PPIC Water Policy Center builds on the successful model of strategic research and engagement that defines all of PPIC’s work. It connects nonpartisan, objective research to real world water management debates, with the goal of putting California water policy on a sustainable and constructive path. By bridging the gap between rigorous scientific understanding and complex policy problems, the center offers timely, credible, and actionable information on the state’s water policy challenges.