International Documentary Association Non-Profit Fiscal Sponsorship

The American Mercury is proud to announce that The International Documentary Association – – has agreed to act as non-profit fiscal sponsor for our current documentary production: Escape From Death Valley. Founded in 1982, The International Documentary Association has been a leading force in documentary film production for nearly 40 years. Its fiscal [...]


Bull Outdoor Products Lifestyle 2020 Shoot

There are lots of companies selling all kinds of BBQs – from the super cheap (low cost and flimsy) to the hyper priced Rolls Royce models. What’s the best value?The American Mercury has the great opportunity to work with one of the best – Bull Outdoor Products Inc. Based in Lodi California, Bull Outdoor Products [...]

  • Salton Sea Tilapia

Peril At The Salton Sea

The Salton Sea - California's largest lake - is facing an environmental crisis. Reduced flows into this desert lake are making the "Sea" more saline which is threatening fish, lower lake levels are shrinking habitat and food for birds, and the exposed shoreline is generating toxic dust.

  • New Almonds


Aerial of San Joaquin Valley The American Mercury created a new video for The Public Policy Institute of California's Water Policy Center on the San Joaquin Valley. The video tackles the widespread practice of pumping groundwater by agriculture, its consequences (overdraft and subsidence) and the impacts of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act. This new [...]


The American Mercury wins first place in CDPH video contest

The California Department of Public Health celebrated its 10th Anniversary this summer. As part of the celebration, the CDPH called for video programs that answered “what does public health mean to you?”.  The Champion Provider Fellowship won first prize for its program – produced by The American Mercury. […]