International Documentary Association Non-Profit Fiscal Sponsorship

The American Mercury is proud to announce that The International Documentary Association – – has agreed to act as non-profit fiscal sponsor for our current documentary production: Escape From Death Valley.

Founded in 1982, The International Documentary Association has been a leading force in documentary film production for nearly 40 years. Its fiscal sponsorship program has been helping independent documentary projects of all types get funded, finished and seen. The IDA is the largest documentary-specific fiscal sponsor in the world.

The partnership with IDA propels Escape From Death Valley toward through our final fundraising campaign and the completion of this important American History film.

Escape From Death Valley is a historical documentary program, shot and edited in high definition video for PBS broadcast.   The program follows the memoir, Death Valley in ’49, considered by western historians as one of the greatest tales of Western expansion ever written. The 60-minute program will take viewers on the ill-fated journey of The Sand Walking Company, their entrapment, desperate rescue, and ultimately, their successful escape. But Escape From Death Valley is much more than a dramatic retelling of their odyssey; it is nothing less than the anatomy of the hero’s journey set in the days of ’49.

Escape From Death Valley is scheduled to premier in the fall of 2021.