The American Mercury Launches International Human Rights Video Project

The American Mercury traveled to NYC in November to attend the Atlas Network’s annual Freedom Forum to launch a unique video production campaign.  Called the “Tell Your Story Award”, two film makers, Kit Tyler and Leon Corcos, pledge to produce a world class video for a worthy human rights organization […]


Jane Fonda To Narrate Becoming California

  September 30, 2013. Academy award winning actress Jane Fonda has joined a California team of distinguished scientists, educators and media producers working to create inspirational stories about the state’s changing natural environment. Fonda will narrate a two-hour PBS documentary and a companion set of short films that will reach millions of television viewers [...]


Pat Metheny To Compose Music for Becoming California

May 6, 2012 The California Environmental Legacy Project is pleased to announce its collaboration with the legendary jazz musician, Pat Metheny. Metheny will compose and perform music for the soundtracks of our public television documentary, “Becoming California,” and for the regional films that will be viewed at state and national parks throughout California. […]