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Founded in 1998 with passion for nonfiction visual storytelling, the American Mercury began producing cutting-edge broadcast documentary programs.

Dozens of successful programs later, we’ve grown to produce all kinds of programs for a broad range of clients, venues, and audiences.

Driven by ideal and empowered by the most advanced technologies and years of experience, The American Mercury creates programs that engage, inform, and inspire.


The American Mercury is a full-service media design and production company. We partner with our clients to create beautiful and evocative programs tailored intelligently to their message, audience and budget. With more than 30 years of film, video and multi-media experience, we’ve learned to tailor production precisely to the exact needs of each project – the right tools, the right people to tell every story the right way. Few production companies offer a more powerful combination of knowledge, master storytelling, and state of the art production techniques.

Research – Writing


Project Management (Certified PMP)

Photography – Videography


Lighting / Grip


Motion Graphics

Mastering / Distribution

Emmy award-winning writer, producer, photographer, editor, Kit Tyler’s career spans thirty years of professional broadcast, live event, and multi-media production. A lust for adventure and a passion for documenting real life led Kit on a remarkable career in journalism. From the breakup of the Soviet Union to post-Apartheid South Africa to the civil war in Somalia, Kit has traveled the world capturing international, national and regional news events. His work has appeared on every commercial television network as well as PBS and an ever-growing list of cable networks and Internet distributors. While the fast pace and deadline pressure of news gathering has always thrilled, Kit is equally comfortable with more complex – longer form projects that require scholarship, thorough planning and higher production values. His versatility and comprehensive understanding of every step of the production process bring rare synergy that produce extraordinary results.

Kit founded The American Mercury Inc. in 1990.  The vision? To create insightful, finely crafted, visually stunning programs that connect with popular audiences in fresh and meaningful ways.

“I launched the American Mercury with a true belief in the power of nonfiction visual storytelling. The American Mercury combines cinematic shooting and editing styles with the techniques and storytelling perspectives of photojournalism and documentary filmmaking to create uncommon programs that celebrate the beauty and complexity of real life.”

Kit Tyler has created scores of successful programs for science, art, business, and government clients. His documentary credits comprise more than a dozen feature-length broadcast programs including the Emmy award winning national PBS programs, Saving The Bay and Becoming California. Kit has won seven Emmy awards, the Bay Area News Photographer Association’s Photographer Of The Year Award as well as a host of other national, state, and regional awards.